New Model Plastic Hull Design $1295 Now Even Lighter and More Affordable
White boat front
White boat back
hull 47 lbs 21.5 kg
pontoon - each 8 lbs 3.6 kg
total boat 79 lbs 36 kg
Carrying Capacity
maximum 500 lbs 227 kg
Motor Rating
maximum 2.5 hp 1.9 kw
Travel and Storage Size
length 95 in 242 cm
width 39 in 99 cm
height 15 in 38.1 cm
durable, thick extruded high molecular polyethylene
UV protected copolymer (plastic)
Brackets and Hardware
stainless steel
Colours available
green, yellow,

Made in Canada for the Canadian wilderness.

Designed for outdoor adventures.

Lightweight and rugged, THE FROG BOAT is the first choice of people who work hard and play harder. Safe, virtually untippable and unsinkable, THE FROG BOAT is tough. Even when the weather gets rough it stays afloat, on course and will bring you home.

Low wind drift coupled with a unique hydrodynamic hull makes THE FROG BOAT faster while using less energy and when powered with an environmentally sound electric motor, THE FROG BOAT leaves only a tiny "frogprint" on the water’s ecosystem.

Yellow boat packed up for storage

Compact and lightweight, THE FROG BOAT is easily transported on most existing roof racks, on your SUV, family sedan, or even inside your camper. The Frog Boat sets up easily in seconds and its generous carrying capacity ensures all your important cargo has room to go along too.

As a first boat, or an additional boat to take and go, THE FROG BOAT’s ingenious design and leading edge technology mean easy, safe and practical boating.

The Frog Boat on S.U.V. roof rack

Frog Legends

In Northwest Coast Native culture and art, the frog is a creature of great importance. As a creature that lives in two worlds, water and land, the frog is revered for its adaptability, knowledge and power to transverse worlds and inhabit both natural and supernatural realms.

In Celtic lore the frog (Losgrinn) is a symbol of shamanism and magik. It can teach you to leap swiftly from one level of consciousness to another, from this world to Otherworlds. The frog can also help you find the courage to accept new ideas, nurture yourself, and find connections between ideas.

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