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To position ourself as an industry leader onefrogtwo developed visionary and
leading edge technology which separates
THE FROG BOAT from all others.

The key factors in building our boat for fishers, hunters, families, seniors, campers and outdoor adventure seekers are their focus on safety, portability, weight, stealth, ease of use, quality, durability, versatility, storage and value. THE FROG BOAT is the superior choice in all areas.

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  • Top Quality & Durable – yet Affordable!
  • Light-weight, Versatile, Compact and easily Transportable
  • Fits on most Existing Roof Racks
  • One Person Set-up in Seconds
  • Generous Carrying Capacity – up to 500lbs
  • Virtually Untippable, Unsinkable & Extremely Maneuverable
  • So Stable that Fly Fishers can Stand and Cast; and Bass Fishers can easily get into the Shallows
  • Hydrodynamic – Fast on the Water
  • Plenty of Room for your Gear, your Catch and your Friend
  • Environmentally Sound
Don Freschi casting from his Frog Boat on a calm lake

Frog Legends

Some British Columbian First Nations believe that the frog announces the end of the winter dance season. It is said that when the last snowflakes of winter touch the ground they turn into frogs. Then the Native people know that there are only six weeks until the Salmon begin returning to the rivers and summer begins again.

In some Native cultures, the frog is believed to be a powerful animal; combining the two elements of earth and water. The frog is a healer, cleaning away negativity from the environment and bringing harmony and new life.

The Haida carved frog on the house pole to prevent them from falling over. They are also included in many other carvings from feast bowls to totem poles.

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